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Brian Legere - before & beyond - q&a

1. Where were you born and when did you discover music?

In a hospital. Just kidding! :) Brooklyn, NY and I really got into music around 9 years old when I started to take drum lessons.

2. Musically who or what inspired you to play and who do you admire as a musician?

I loved the 70’s disco music as a kid and the grew up with all of the KISS records before being a real 80’s fanatic with Journey, Styx, and all of the hair bands! Robert Sweet from Stryper was the drummer I admired most.

3. Do you have any formal training???  If so, where did you study and who have you studied under?

I took drum lessons in elementary school and like the loudness of it. I went through 3 different drum teachers while also playing sports as a kid. It took a year before my first teacher even let me get behind a drum kit.

4. How did you arrive at your current instrument(s)?

Usually by car to the house where my drums are at! Just kidding again! :) I wasn’t smart enough to play any instrument that required letters or keys, so drums fit me just fine.

5. When you write/play what are you trying to do or say with your music?

I can’t write music but when I play I hit the drums hard and try to get people to move to my beat.

6. What other interests outside of music do you have or had?

Sports teams, playing fantasy sports and also bowling in a league (I have rolled four 300 games).

7. What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

Getting married to an exceptional woman, having two beautiful girls with that same exceptional woman and having a pretty successful work career in the financial industry for over 20 years.

8. What are your musical goals?

At middle age, just play and have fun! But I wanted to be a rock star growing up and obviously that didn’t work out. :(

9. Any words of advice to anyone, about anything?

“Some days you are the bird, some days you are the windshield” That’s life. Deal with it the best you can with a as little stress as possible.

10. If you could have lunch with three people, living or dead who would they be?  Why?

Too many to list but if any of them are good cooks, they would be at the top of the list!

11. If you were stranded on a deserted island what 5 albums would you take with you? Why?

I just sold all of my old albums so this won’t apply to me. :)

12. If you could play another instrument what would it be?  Why?

Guitar because I can sing all of the solos and would love to play them.

13. What is your favorite song?

Tie between “There’s Only One Way To Rock” by Sammy Hagar and “The Night Owls” by Little River Band

14. Favorite singer?

Probably Brad Delp from Boston (male) but there are way too many great female singers to just pick one!

15. Favorite drummer?

Robert Sweet from Stryper was my drumming idol.

16. Favorite bassist?

No one specific but they are all great.

17. Favorite keyboardist?

My friend (Rob) I grew up playing with in NJ. Truly a prodigy.

18. Favorite guitarist?

Loved all of the hair band guitar players but Journey’s Neal Schon has to be up there for me.

19. If you were to have any superpower what would it be?

Flying would be cool since it would save me money on gas! :)

20. Favorite food?

Chicken Parmigiana

21. Favorite drink?

Caddy Cooler (Lemonade/Iced Tea) in Aruba

22. Favorite movie?

History of the World Part 1 (Mel Brooks)

23. Favorite actor/actress?

That “Friends” like Top 5 list for actresses will get me in trouble! :)

24. Favorite color?

Silver & Black (Raiders!)

25. Favorite car?

One that works and is paid for! :)

26. Favorite place to vacation?

Bed and Breakfast weekend trips.

27. Motivational phase that you love?

My record store manager always told me, “You’ll get nothing and like it!”